GOOGLE TRENDS: SANDERS and harris, r.Kelly and Michael Jackson

March 6th, 2019 // Valine Centeno

Sanders vs. Harris

With the 2020 United States Presidential election coming up several nominees are launching their campaigns. Two popular democratic candidates running are Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Kamala Harris.

Sen. Sanders kicked off his presidential campaign in Chicago’s Navy Pier Festival Hall this last Sunday with a crowd turn out of an estimated 12,500. As we all know, Sanders was the ‘underdog’ of the democratic party in 2016 against Sen. Hilary Clinton. With the launch of his 2020 campaign, it looks like he’s off to a greater and stronger start than his first time around, appearing also on popular millennial talk shows like ‘The Breakfast Club.’ Harris is also off to a great start, kicking off her race in Oakland, California with a turn out of 20,000 people. Her crowd is the largest turn out among the 2020 candidates so far. (Source: USA TODAY)

View the interactive chart courtesy of Google Trends on,%2Fm%2F08sry2

According to the chart on Google Trends, Harris and Sanders seem to be head to head on the amount of time they were both trending in the past 12 months. In January 20th, Harris was trending more than Sanders but that soon flipped the next month in February where Sanders was actually trending more than Harris.

View the interactive map courtesy of Google Trends:,%2Fm%2F08sry2

In terms of popularity by region, the color blue represents where Sanders is trending in the United States and red represents Harris. One can easily see that Sanders is overall more popular than Harris so far. Both are great democratic candidates for the presidential election with so much potential.

R. Kelly and Michael Jackson and their recent abuse allegations

The famous ‘Pived Piper of R&B’ was recently charged with aggravated sexual abuse in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois this last month. The singer is currently out on bail and addressing these and several other allegations in an interview with Gayle King on CBS. The spotlight has been on Kelly since Surviving R.Kelly premiered on Lifetime earlier this year. The six-episode documentary series features alleged victims who claim to have suffered and witness abuse from R.Kelly throughout his career.

The ‘King of Pop,’ the late Michael Jackson is also facing abuse allegations from two men who claimed to have been molested by the singer in the documentary, Leaving Neverland on HBO.

View the interactive chart courtesy of Google Trends on,%2Fm%2F09889g

With these recent allegations coming into the spotlight, the amount of trends the artist have been receiving specifically in the past 7 days have been overall rising. Red representing Michael Jackson and Blue representing R.Kelly.

View the interactive chart courtesy of Google Trends on,%2Fm%2F09889g

When comparing both artists’ trends worldwide in the past 7 days, both have been trending pretty frequently. Michael Jackson trends have been pretty consistent but with the recent allegations and spotlight on R.Kelly’s alleged abuse claims along with his most recent, explosive interview, R.Kelly seems to be just a little more popular than Michael Jackson as of today.

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