Logan Square and Avondale Gentrification problem

By Valine Centeno

Courtesy of Google Earth Pro//Visual of Logan Square

As a lifelong resident of Logan Square and Avondale, I’ve seen how much the neighborhoods have changed in the last ten years. For the last six years, myself and other residents would start our days off at Panderia Azucar to get a fresh baked Concha along with a Jamon Torta and Cafe Con Leche to-go before starting our morning commutes to work and school. Fast forward to 2018 and the family owned bakery is added on to the long list of ‘mom and pop’ businesses that have shut down in the neighborhood and are soon to become home to another hipster smoke shop, coffee shop or another renovated, overpriced apartment complex within a 1 mile radius.

Image courtesy of creativecommons.org

With the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the CTA’s $17 million dollar project on the Belmont Blue Line Station happening this past Friday, it is important to recognize the inevitable gentrification issue that these neighborhoods have been dealing with for years. On top of this pricey renovation, so many buildings and stores are being bought out of businesses and the neighborhood to make room for high-rise apartment buildings that start at $1,800 a month rent for a studio.

Chicago is known for having so many different vibrant and unique communities. With gentrification being an on-going issue in so many neighborhoods like Logan Square and Avondale, it’s beginning to seem like our city is losing touch on trying to preserve the multi-cultural aspect that this city has to offer that so many people have grown to know and love. Each neighborhood is losing it’s cultural feel and beginning to look uniformed all due to gentrification.

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